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Decorative window film can be used for many applications including everything from privacy to security. If you have a side door to your house that you rarely pay attention to, its important that no one else pays attention to that door who may be looking in for the wrong reasons. Most homes are not equipped with deadbolt locks, although some have a lower level of security because someone who may attempt to break into the house can simply break the window to reach in and unlock the door if the door does not have a double key deadbolt installed. The only problem with these types of locks is that you must have a key to both enter and exit through the door. The solution: Install a vision distorting decorative window film so that no one can see in, while still allowing light to be transmitted.

Film Used: "Clear Feathered Glass"

This particular window film was applied on the other side of the original doors allowing for the black plastic decorative casing to show through the window film. The design of the window film enhanced the look of the door, while adding the functionality of security and privacy. The perfect solution for every home owner.


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